Palm Tray Kit

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esigned to fit comfortably in your hand, this Diamond Painting Palm Tray Kit allows you to keep your diamonds organized and within easy reach while you work.

The Palm Tray Kit for diamond painting is crafted with comfort in mind, featuring an ergonomic hand-held design. It can hold up to five colors of diamonds at once, and comes with five tray stoppers to keep your gems in place and prevent mixing. Its stylish palette-like shape adds a touch of fashion to your diamond painting projects.

Whether you're a seasoned diamond painter or just starting out, the Diamond Painting Palm Tray Kit is an essential tool that will help streamline your crafting process. 

The Palm Tray Kit includes:
1 * Diamond Painting Tray in a palette shape
5 * Tray Stoppers for organizing colors
1 * Correction Tool for fixing mistakes
2 * Pen Grips for a comfortable grip
1 * Cleaning Brush for easy maintenance
1 * Plastic Spoon for picking up diamonds
10 * Glue Clay for attaching diamonds to canvas.

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