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At Oloee, our customers literally mean everything to us. That’s why we always want to hear what you have to say, whether it’s feedback about the diamond painting or a fun idea for our next product. In fact, some of our best-selling diamond painting designs have been created based on fan feedback, and we want the brilliant ideas to keep on coming. So tell us…what should we make next? Leave a comment below with a product dream we can turn into reality. If your idea’s chosen, we’ll hook you up with the first sample and a $20 gift card to our website. Total win-win, so let the creativity begin!


  • Posted on by Rita

    My order has not be packed nor shipped. AS per your policy order should be shipped 24 to 48 hours. after order. Communication within this organisation is extremely poor and needs to be looked at. I had asked for a refund since my order has not been shipped and was told this can not be guarantee.

  • Posted on by Sheree Schmaling

    I ordered the ferry bookshelf with all the little critters on it and I ordered your largest one paid for it. He took my money and never sent me my private I’d rather have the product in the money right now because I’ve been waiting and saving up for this. Please check your records and when my bank statement comes in I’ll have them do a fart on you so that I can get my money back if you’re not going to send me my diamond art

  • Posted on by Mrs Diane Clifford

    Please can you do a 10-10 of Lewis Hamilton thanks do hope you can . Diane

  • Posted on by Aimee Stewart

    Well FIRST you could stop RIPPING MY ART OFF! Your “Fairy Tale Library” is MY ARTWORK – copyrighted by Aimee Stewart, and licensing through MGL Licensing UK. You have stolen my artwork and are selling it illegally. I keep trying to contact your company and you hide behind fake email addresses so that no one can actually report you for copyright infringement. If only your fans knew that you do NOT pay the artists you publish… it’s awful and illegal.

  • Posted on by Phyllis Morgan-Gregory

    I need to know if you have shipped my order I have no order or date of the order. You are to ship the whole order (5) pics totally $96.96. If there are any I don’t want I will return for a refund. If you have ?’s call 719-639-9694 Please acknowledge having received this email

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